REPORTAGE 3 MIN   Animation Pilot 5 min    VR-VINJETT (winternight)

The Gothenburg historic shipyard era in a new Center with new forms of experience and interactive moments in VR for all times …

The film have 3 animated ex to take an active part of the history of the shipyards industry. The goal is to recreate our cultural heritage with VR technology, archival material and animations for a personal experience today.

The first Project presentation was in 2016 and next step is to recreate a historical shipyard environment in 3D, of archives in animations to try moments in a shipbuilder life today. A 3D Scann of the History Society's Continuation model was shown in Oct 2017 at Lindholmens Science Park, Visual Arena. In 2018 VR-tours in two parts:

PART 1. "The Old / Historic" from the 1920 to 1950 in black & white during wintertime on a afternoon, where you can try to weld and "nit-monkey" and participate in launching a ship. There will also be several Guided Tracks / tours to choose from with historic movies & voices, etc.

PART 2. "The Last / Modern" 1950-1979 is in colour and springtime sunshine, where You can try to drive crane and load different ship models. Here there will also be several guided tours, walks and to choose from.

We will participate in European Culture Forum 2017 in Milano , Italy, to find Eu-partners with similar ideas for the next European year of Cultural Heritage 2018...


Partners: FilmEpidemic, Lindholmenens Science Park, Visual Arena, RoofTop, Gothenburg Shipyard Association, GothenburgStudios, Western Cultural Heritage and County Council, etc. A Lobby group with Aino Trosell. Support of the West Swedish Region Cultural Council. Project leader: Jonas Myrstrand. Studio Jox. Project Owner: FilmEpidemic. Main Animation: Benoit Lafréchoux